VICE Canada election recaps

Since recapping Canadian election campaigns for VICE seems to be my jam, I thought I’d assemble all my Big Picture Analyses in one place for ease of access. Stay tuned; God willing, there are plenty more to come. — Brad Wall Is Saskatchewan and That’s Why He Handily Won the Election [Saskatchewan, 4 April 2016] The Definitive Guide to How Canada Stopped Being Totally Embarrassing [2015 Retrospective, 29 December … Continue reading VICE Canada election recaps


my grandfather is coming to the end of the road. if I live to be half the man he was (a good, kind, smart man who is my role model for a life of integrity), it will be living better than anything I can envision for myself right now. anyways, I’m working on a personal essay that deals with a lot of things and feelings. … Continue reading memory

the edmonton oilers as an ideological state apparatus, and other concerns

I was in Ottawa last week for the annual conference of the Canadian Political Science Association. It was a good time. Ottawa is one of my favourite cities in Canada to visit. It’s beautiful and there is a lot to soak in for a giant nerd like myself. There’s also a lot of visiting to be done because a good number of my poli sci … Continue reading the edmonton oilers as an ideological state apparatus, and other concerns

god guard thee, newfoundland

There’s an old joke I read once about a well-known Newfoundland lawyer giving a talk to the Canadian Bar Association back in the early 1930s. “That’s the real difference between Newfoundlanders and Canadians,” he quipped as the group finished singing O Canada. “In Canada, you guys can sing ‘we stand on guard for thee.’ Back home, we have to sing ‘God guard thee Newfoundland’ because … Continue reading god guard thee, newfoundland